Specialty Pharma Education Center

Specialty pharmacy is the standard.

Specialty pharmacy is the fastest growing segment in the industry today.  Innovations in drug discovery, drug delivery systems, advanced monitoring techniques and informatics have all increased the need for advanced training in specialty pharmacy.

SPEC offers cutting-edge, high-Impact, educational programs for pharmacists, physicians and nurses. SPEC will feature more than 200 hours of accredited continuing education, providing participants with the tools to organize and help develop practices that improve both their individual and organizational learning and performance.

Enroll today to:

  • Deepen your knowledge in rare diseases and drug therapies.
  • Improve your handling of limited or exclusively distributed drugs.
  • Tailor your education to meet your career needs. 

Expand your knowledge and prepare for your future in Specialty Pharmacy.  

Transforming Healthcare Education

Evolving from an education provider to building relationships based on knowledge and insight

Broadening from a narrow channel focus to serving the full spectrum of Specialty Pharmacies

Changing from meeting functional needs to creating learning experiences

Adding value on top of customer satisfaction to become a partner based upon trust and loyalty


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